Reasons for Buying the Disney VIP Tours

DISNEY TOUR2.jpgIn this article, you are going to uncover the many benefits of buying a Disney VIP tour package.

Reason number 1. Skip the lines – one part of making the most of your time and having VIP experience is the chance to skip lines. Just to be clear, getting a Disney VIP tour, it will give you FastPass line. You cannot skip that line but, you can easily go back to the line time and time again if you want the ride and you do not want to deal with navigating Fast Pass+ system. In addition to getting a guide in creating efficient itinerary as well as route, you can pass through crowds quickly. Having access to Fast Pass lane will save you great amount of time and at the same time, avoid all fussing and whining that comes when queuing in long lines.

Reason number 2. Behind the scenes – there are lots of case studies regarding the marketing applied by Disney. There are actually secret entrances and tunnels that have enabled characters and cast members to just appear magically when they’re needed. This made many people so curious about it. This is one of the favorites by those who have  Disney VIP tours.

This is a rare peek behind the curtain but making use of employee roads, entrances and parking lets you to be exactly where you wish to visit. There are lots of features of the VIP tour package are all focused on efficiency and convenience. As we know and will all agree, this is something you can’t just do on your own.

Reason number 3. The VIP treatment – of course, having the Disney VIP tour package is sure to give you an exclusive service of your time being in the park. For more details about Disney VIP tour packages, visit

Reason number 4. Families travel together – if you’re two families who travel together, you can actually share the fee on per person basis, perhaps it becomes more palatable. The secret here is to get everyone agree on what you are about to do. But the great part about this is, you will be able to hand the decision to make over the guide and tell kids you have to follow the schedule that they’ve developed, thus taking you off of the hot seat. Thus, all you need to do is to bring your ticket and enjoy the time while in the theme park with your family. Here are more reasons to buy a Disney VIP tour:


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